Supply of Hydro Generator Spares, Gate Seals:

Our Services

  • Supply of Stator Coils and Rotor Poles Coils
  • Supply of New Shaft
  • Supply of New Core/Core Laminations
  • Supply of Curb ring Base ring Laybrinth ring,Runner wearing ring, Glide ring, stuffing box etc.,
  • Supply of carbon gland, Temperature, Pressure & Vacuum gauges.
  • Air Valve ,High Pressure drain valves, Ball valves, Needle valves & Butterfly valves etc.
  • Guide vane top and bottom bushes.
  • Oil coolers & air coolers.
  • Stainless steel wearing rings for high head spherical valves and Butterfly valves.

Major Works Carried Out:

  • Supply of curb ring,Laybrinth ring, Base ring, gliding ring etc to unit 1 and unit 2 35 MW Periyar PH TNEB Lower Camp.
  • Supply of Air Valve 1 No for unit 2 at Periyar PH TNEB.
  • Temperature gauges 4 Nos to unit 1 and 2 at PH TNEB.
  • Top and Bottom guide bushes for guide vanes of unit 1 and 2 at Periyar PH TNEB.

Hydraulic gates Seal Supply

    Our Services:

  • Supply of Musical Note type and other types of rubber seals as per Drawing for Dam intake gages - intake gates for penstocks, radial gates, Scouver vents,Tail race gates etc.,

Major Works Carried Out:

  • Supply of Gate seals 3 sets to Hydraulic operated Dam intake gates at APGENCO.
  • Supply of Musical note rubber seats 7 set to Dam intake gates of 100MW Hydro Generators Bank Power House APGENCO.