Erection of Hydro Generators

Our Services

  • Supply of Stator Coils and Rotor Poles Coils
  • Supply of New Shaft
  • Supply of New Core/Core Laminations
  • Generator Dismantling.
  • Erection of Generators.
  • HV Power Cable Laying and Termination.
  • Installation of Cable tray with Termination.
  • Refurbishing the stator including lamination pilling & installation of winding
  • Concrete works of switch yard foundation.
  • Foundation Concrete work for Power house machineries
  • Erection of Generators& Transformers protection system
  • Erection of spherical valves,bulk head gates gantry work.
  • Erection of cooling system,pressurepiping,water drainage
  • Laying of HT,LT control cables,Terminationetc .

  • Major Works Carried Out

  • Erection of 3 Nos 5MVA Hydro Generator and 36 Nos 8MVA Hydro Generartors horizontal type at KSEB Pallivasal PH for TELK, Angamally, Kerala.
  • Dismantling – Renovation uprating of 14MW Vertical type Hydro Generators at Pannaiyar PH, KSEB for TELK, Angamally, Kerala